Saturday, 12 January 2013

Manly Sex Talk: Pulling out

This is my first manifesto of the pulling out method.

There is no perfect birth control method. A lot of us are "Oops" kids. Natures whole point of sex is to procreate.

So when we choose a birth control method we have to give something to receive something. Condoms loose sensation, pill is has side effects, pulling out is tough and can lead to pregnancy, all of them are not perfect.

This is my report on pulling out method.

There are rules to my pulling out method.

1. Pull out. No excuses. Every single time pull out. If she is bleeding pull out. If she begs for you to cum in her PULL OUT!!! Unless you had a serious conversation away from the lust of the moment pull out. No excuses.

2. Pull out 5 thrusts before you cum. Not two, not three, not "just" before, but 5 thrusts.

3. Try not to cum. Work on channeling that energy back into her. Focus on her orgasm.

4. If by chance you are a little late, or you think you might have let some of the good stuff go inside of her, TELL HER! Put the shame away and own up to it. Give her the choice of what to do. Let her know.

5. Use condoms or alternatives some of the time to cum with her or to cum in her. Its nice sometimes not to worry about your timing and just be in the moment.

None of these will prevent pregnancy. They have for me that is all I am sharing. This is not the best method it is just one.

Good luck and remember... PULL OUT!!!!

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