Thursday, 24 January 2013

Out of cell, internet, tech range

Hello my dear friends,

I will be out of tech range for the next 3 days. I am part of a one year intensive program called the Way of the Circle. This is a collective project of many experienced circle practitioners, healers, energy workers, shamans, yogis, kind hearted souls and more.

We are trying to learn more about how to practice community healing in a non-hierarchical, everyone is equal, all voices are equal, honoring what is kind of way.

It is beautiful and I have learned so much from this experience.

I will be back on Sunday night with a report of the weekend.

In the mean time, if you feel called, I invite you to look over my old posts and pick your favorite.

email it to me at

Tell me why you like it. The winner, the person who entertains me the most, will get a 1 hr consult with me to help them with anything from diet, herbal formulas, organization, life issues, spiritual issues or anything. I will give them an hour of my time.

So what do you think.....

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