Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Witch Doctor House Call: Ferocious heart

I get impatient.

Not like I'm standing in a line too long impatient, but more like there is no excuse for such fear impatient.

I know everyone has their own path, and I know that we are all learning lessons at our own pace, I know judging is bad medicine and I know that I never know the whole picture.

Some times though it pisses me off to see people, who have everything they need at their finger tips to effect brilliant change in their communities, come up with excuse not to make that change.

The fear associated with change has to go. It is time. Change is happening. No one can stop it. Being afraid of change is like being afraid of oxygen.

WE need more brave souls, I need more brave souls to step up and really start to make change. There are a lot of you out there already. There are FAR to many who have what they need to make change; education, knowledge, training, a community worth fighting for, health, love, enough money to barely get by, two legs, one leg, no leg.... hell EVERYONE has what they need to make change happen.

OK there are no excuses
Everyone can effect change

What are we waiting for?????

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