Saturday, 19 January 2013

What ifs

Fucking hell, I hate what ifs. I have taken the plunge of focusing myself to make sure my days are healthy, strong, supportive and that I am present. I eat well, I get to my yoga mat, I take my herbal supplements, I love everyone I meet in my day, I stand tall, I drink nice teas and plenty of good water.

The "What Ifs" are a waste of my time and energy. What if the house burns down... well its not burnt down, I will deal with it if it does. What if you run out of money... well I will make some more. What if you get sick... then I get healthy or I get sicker either was I still love.

Last night I was taken to task. I awoke in the middle of the night by hundreds of what ifs running through my brain. I am not exaggerating. Every possible "what if" I could come up with I had to confront.

You know what... they are all full of shit. The only "what if" worth my time is - what if I actualize my dream.....

All the other fear based ones can be left for another day. I put stock into what I can control and let go of those things that I can not.

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