Saturday, 19 January 2013


Bananas and butterscotch

Apples and Apricots

Why do we spend time trying to figure things out

Have we not learned yet that there is no end to looking.

There is no reason to look outside of oneself for answers.

You will find them but all the answers you find on the outside will just lead you back to the inside.

Might as well stop looking out

and start looking in.

It is truly where all the answers lay

Aspens and Zoos

Quiet and Round.

La di da... nothing is real. All is an illusion. We are only the creators of out illusion.....

Oooops did I just say that?????

Crap I mean....

Ah fuck, who cares

I believe this is all an illusion and that we are the creators of it. WE actually have the power to change the illusion. It does not change overnight. It takes time and hard work, but you can change ANYTHING in your life. There is nothing that is beyond change. Everything is possible when trying to change oneself as long as you account for the time and hard work.

The only thing change needs to exist is patience in self and determination of self. After that it will just happen.

GO ahead prove me wrong. Try it. You can change anything in your life... give it a try.

Or keep living in your illusion.... if it is what you want.....

Is it though?

I hope so, I am living in the life I want. And it is not easy, but it is wonderful. I love it and I struggle through it. But I love my life and that is all I was every trying to do.

I love life,

I love life.

Good night

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