Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Loosing weight the fun way

I have fluctuated my weight many times over my life. I have been up to 230 pounds and down to 170 pounds. My metabolism has changed, slowed right down. I used to be able to eat almost anything and stay they same weight.

I really do not care what I weigh. It is more about how I feel. When I am heavier, I am slower and less flexible and my sleep is affected. When I am skinny I get low blood sugar, lower energy and I really do not feel better.

What I am trying to do is let my body decide what it wants. Here is how.

I eat healthy meals every day. Smoothies, salads, fish, quinoa, brown rice, veggies, all that good stuff we know about. I add cheeses and oils and flavor as needed to make it pleasant to my pallet.

Here is my trick....

I only eat till I am not hungry. I do not eat till I am full.

I also limit the snacks that I consume in between. They are the real killer. Snacking is a modern invention.  You do not need to snack. Have a cup of tea, drink some water, have a piece of fruit. When you indulge in chips or chocolate do it consciously. Do not eat them as you sit in front of the computer. Have only a bit for the joy and leave the rest for later. Yes they taste great but they are chemically designed to taste great and trick you into eating a lot of them. We are addicted to High Fructose Corn Syrup and to Salty snacks. Be aware that people are trying to hook you on them. Use then as you would alcohol. Occasionally and for a treat, not everyday all the time anywhere you want.

Eat well, have fun with food, dont starve yourself, give your body lots of choices, explore cooking, and of course keep your body moving and grooving.

Weight loss or control is not difficult. Kicking the snacking addiction is really tough, I still have not done it. Also eating till we are full is another major one. Slow down, stop early and eat good, locally grown food.

Remember the most important rule of nutrition is eat as much as possible that is in its original form. Rice, beans, fruits, veggies, leaves, seeds, nuts, grains, and some meats if needed or wanted.

Bon Appetite.

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