Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Loosing weight the fun way part 2

A few tips on eating habits.

I only know of 4 reasons someone chooses to eat.

1. They are hungry and are in need of sustenance. When you are hungry it is tough to make decisions about what to eat. When hungry the body is in a state of shock and needed calories immediately. When you are really hungry try to deal with the hunger before choosing a meal. Have some nuts or a little snack to ward off the panic. Just a little nibble, then choose the meal. Small portions, you can always get more.

2. You are bored. You are looking for something to do. The snack food industry relies upon this. Watching a movie is fun, watching a movie with a bag of chips or chocolate or whatever,  is heaven. If you are bored then you need to look at a whole host of reasons why and take it as an indication of your innerself trying to communicate with you. Boredom eating is the money making gold mine to the snack food industry. This is the most important habit to curb and control.

3. Emotional eating. Feeling like shit? Not a good day, week, year? Whatever your reason, you are feeding yourself as medicine. You need to feel loved and nothing says loving like a lot of pizza, or a whole bunch of fries or a cake. I believe that when you feel this need to emotionally eat, do it! Get right into it! Go all in!!!! Dont just go to the corner store and by a twinkie. Treat yourself to a slice of the best pie or cake you can get. Get the best chocolate. Go to the best fry joint. Top notch. Treat yourself right. Dont hide it. Embrace it. I believe that a really great burger will sade your depression more then 15 crappy big macs.

4. Maintenance. The most important part of eating. This is meal planning. Eating for the day ahead. Making sure you have snacks with you when you leave the house. Drinking water a plenty, nuts, fruits, dark chocolate, lunch, a treat or two. Planning a nice simple dinner. Making sure you have the ingredients. Putting medicine in your body and planning for it.

Learn, or re-learn how to eat. What culture has taught most of us is not eating. It is controlling us by addicting us to chemicals. Food is medicine. Chemicals are not.

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