Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I only see the standing

I have been bullied and a lot in my life.

I ahve been physically humiliated, hurt and degraded by others who were more uncertain of themselves then I was

I have been manipulated, used and made fun of by those who hold more meaness and fear then I had at the time.

I have been lied to, cheated and had my kindness taken advantage of by those who have so much more financial wealth then me but have less self worth.

It is not a competition, nor do I ever really see who has more of anything most of the time.

What I see is people attacking kindness and love and open heartedness, and truth, and honesty and people who have self love.

I see not the bullies, I ignore them if I can. I see the people being bullied. They are the magical ones, the people that will change this world. They are the ones that will progress, show us a new way and open our minds and hearts.

If you have been bullied in your life consider it a confirmation by the universe that you are special (and not in that way that everyone is special, in that you are special among special people).

Stand up and shake those bullies shit off. Stand proud of who you are. Forget them and their attempts to keep you down. Forgive them, they need it.

Stand on your feet. Stand on your own two feet and show us who you are.

Fuck the bullies.... I only look for the people standing, not the ones trying to pull the standing people down. 

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