Monday, 27 May 2013

Manly Sex Talk: GO there...

Wherever you must go, go!!!

Whatever you must do, do!!!

As long as it does not go against someone elses will, go there.

Try it, it will free you, heal you, chalenge you, push you.

Sexuality is such a deep healing experience.

Ignoring your inner desires is not healing yourself

Your lust knows what it wants.

No one shall be intruded upon....

No one shall be forced against their will....

No one shall be tricked...

Then find someone (if you need another) and experience it.

If people around you dont like what you are going to do, then find others who accept you for you. Find people you can talk about it.

At the very least talk about it. You can learn so much about talking about things.

I implore you to go within and experience not what you think is expected of you, but what you want the most deep within you.

Be safe, have fun and open yourself.

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