Saturday, 25 May 2013

Shit deflectors on

It is very possible to get side tracked by other people shit they are flinging around. We can take some it on and fling it ourselves. Think of someone that pissed you off, or annoyed you. You go home and complain about it, vent about it, bitch about it, maybe even observe over it.

This is shit collecting. You have spent time on someone else issues, someone elses shit. You have collected it (not on purpose) and you have spread it out.

So what to do? How about those shit deflectors. I mean how does one not take on anothers shit?

First, if you have taken on someones shit, inadvertently, then get rid of it. Talk, vent, spit it out.

Second, practice not taking it on in the first place. This is a multi displinary practice. Many techniques are required.

Start by not adding to the shit. If someone is complaining, smile, listen but do not add to it by complaining yourself. If someone is venting then witness but do not take sides.

If you find yourself thinking about it, try to give yourself permission to let it go. Remind yourself that this is not your shit, you have enough shit of your own.

Mantra that works for me "I honor my shit and release that which is not mine"

Allow yourself permission to not care. Caring is essential but can not be done all the time. You can care about someone and offer compassion without taking on their shit. I like "that sucks" or "I hear you" as quick replies.

Really there are many techniques. Learn and practice your best techniques and for God/Goddess sake, share those techniques. We all need more, I need more. Share them here or on facebook or with friends and family. The more techniques the better.

Happy shit deflecting.

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