Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dear Gratitude

Oh dear Gratitude,

I know you are the bed I wish to lay in. I know that it is with you that I want to spend my hours. I want to fall in love with you dear gratitude. I know how sweet your fruits can taste, how nourishing your embraces are. Oh sweet gratitude, I am working my way to you.

My heart is finite, I can only give you the space I have free. So first I must make room for you. I have to clear out some old friends to make room for you in my heart. It is time to purge what no longer serves me, no mater how good it might have been to me in the past.

Farewell retribution. How you have filled my imagination and channeled my anger. How you have entertained me with scenarios of revenge. How we have conversed in the mirror, in my head, in the car. What might be only if I had the nerve....

Farewell depression. I have felt so comforted by your thick blanket of uncaring. I have felt safe when your dark gray hue passes over my life. How I have given myself permission to cry, be sad, slepp, oh shit how I have slept. I thank you and release you.

Farewell my need to be comfortable. You have saved me and made life seem easier then it was. You have given me reason not to fall flat on my face. You have hidden me from the dangers out there. You have left me alone but safe.

Farewell worry. You have been a bitch to me, a thorn in my side. Worry about too much that I have no control over. You are not my friend, you are released to be free of this inner battle. You win, I give in, now move on and go after someone stronger.

Farewell the need to be strong. I am what I am when I am it. It was nice to believe that I was strong but sometimes I am not.

Farewell to coffee. Ah you sweet black orgasm of power and thrust. You brilliantly dark and deep ass kicker. The reason tog et out of bed, for way to many mornings. Cream and all, I thank you.

Farewell to technology. I can only use so much, the rest distracts me. Thank you for entertaining me but I have a lot of work to do with Gratitude and must let you go now.

This is a start. might make one quarter of the room necessary for gratitude to have the space it needs to do its full dance in my heart. I have more to move out and on, I have more to let go of, I have more to mourn, I have more to release into the wind.

May we all feel more grateful for the world around us, every magical part of every day.

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