Wednesday, 1 May 2013

When you give away your power you....

When you give away your power you risk everything for little gain.

When you believe your TV, church, school, authorities, government, you risk being destroyed for no reason.

When you look the other way, pretend not to see, make the "easy"choices, you ask to be broken down and controlled.

When you wait for others to heal you or for the pill to be discovered, or for your freedom to be given to you, or for your big break, you create disease within

When you tell yourself you can not do what you want to do you die

It is not worth it. None of this negative, giving away of power is worth it.

When you say "I can do anything I want" you risk actually doing what you want (sounds good to me)

When you say "I deserve to be happy, healthy and loved" You just might be all that

When you question what you do not understand, do not believe everything you read or hear, listen to yourself, trust your intuition, you risk being in control of your life.

When you stand in your power you risk being free, happy and lovefilled.

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