Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Loosing weight the fun way part 3

Important truths behind the veil of "Food"

1. Your food is not safe. The rules and laws in place do help make sure all of your food is safe but it also makes sure big agri-business has control of your food. Big business cares not about your digestive track, it cares about its share holders. Its not their fault. Big businesses are soulless. How could they have a souls they are not alive. The people running them though are legally required to put the share holders first. Not your kids bowel movements. The big businesses lie, so does the government. Its always been that way and will not change. Trust your local farmer, your neighbor, your garden and a few smaller integral companies. They are FAR more safe then trusting a trillion dollar industry that is out to be more profitable.

2. Treats are not food. Treats are treats. There is NO redeeming value to crappy food. Kraft dinner, even enriched kraft dinner is NOT food. It does not and will not sustain us. Food is food. Fruits, Vegetables, Meats (sometimes), nuts, grains, seeds, seaweed (especially seaweed), mosses all food. Chips, chocolate, pasta, orange cheese, banana splits, bacon (I know, that one hurts) and all that stuff. You do not have to stop eating treats, enjoy them, they are fun and tasty. Just know that when you are eating them they are not food. They are treats.

3. Enriched is bull shit. What more can I say. Food that is needing to be enriched is not food. Food is naturally enriched.

4. Cooking is not tough, just takes practice. I have trained highly delayed individuals who have IQs lower then 50 how to cook, and they did well. They also burnt stuff and made some bad meals... who cares, as long as you learn. Just keep learning and you will be a brilliant cook, or at the worst a decent one that can feed your family and yourself good, clean healthy, cheap food.

5. There really is no excuse for living off of crappy food (treats). It is cheap and easy and plentiful. Just do it. Your kids and yourbody will go through detox of the salt and corn sugar, but after that you will feel alive and strong and well and your brain will work better.... in fact you might be a little enlightened.

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