Friday, 7 June 2013

Face it

Somewhere in front of me in the valley ahead there is a great challenge.

If only I had more information, more clues, more support to make this challenge easier for myself. If only I had a clear sign a light coming from somewhere. If only I had the answer, the directions, the instructions. Then I could face that challenge.

So I sit and wait for more.

So I wonder. So I search. So I learn. So I go to Gurus. So I go to educators. So I go to see the people on the mountain.

I talk to the children. I look into the eyes of the elders. I look into to soul of the damned. I turn over every rock. I search every vagina. I pear in every ass hole. I wonder, I search and I learn.

But I do not attempt the challenge, there is too many reasons not to at this point.

Let it be said that I am a complete fool. I really am. I spent my entire life searching for what was already there. I spent my life searching for the glasses on my head, the keys in the fridge, the wallet on the night stand.

Everything I needed was right there all along.

The search for the answers for the great challenge ahead was right in front of me. All I had to do was.....

Face it.

So I face the valley and the long road ahead.

And I face it everyday.

I look into the eyes of my reflection. I look into the song of my ancestry. I look into the belly of the beast. I search within. The vastness of the universe is minute compared to the depth of my inner worlds.

You know what I find the deeper I go? The more If ace my challenge? The more I face my fear?

I find a desire to experience being human.

I want to eat really good pie. I want to make love everyday to someone I love. I want to spend time with family. I want to witness my father crying from tears of joy. I want to sing with strangers. I want to dance with neighbors.

At the end of the day, after all the vast searching I just want to be here. There is no greater place or more interesting adventure to be had.

Face your fears.... they are not as bad as we expect. They are gentle and want to be confronted. Invite change. Accept the road you are on. Enjoy the little moments, the little things.

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  1. Face those kendred spirits who knock at your door with the message of mirrored love and compassion