Tuesday, 4 June 2013

FIre! Fire!

Fire in me.

Fire it pushes me

Fire in me burns bright and strong

I choose to use the injustices in our communities, our lands, our spirits, to be fuel for my fire

I accept all that comes my way

Fuel that fire within

Fuel that ragging fire within.

I take that fire, I work everyday, every second of everyday to channel that fire

To focus that fire

To use that fire

To bring change

Change to my life

Change to my land

Change to my spirit

Bring it on, whatever you got, whatever forces are against me

They are not against me

The wind at my face can be harnessed to fill my sail

The on-coming tide can be used to help me reexamine my perseverance

I have a fire within me and I am fucking proud of it

What fuels your change?

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