Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Prodigal Sun

On this day when the sun has gone as far away as it could from our lives, I say to it, "I understand, take the time you need, I will be here when you return. I will open my arms when you come back."

I have been called the prodigal son in my family. I really am having a tough time with that association. You see in biblical mythology the prodigal son goes out and spends his fathers fortune, comes home to receive more fortune. I did leave my family and adventure out into the world. I did not get any fortune, in fact I learned to live in poverty.

I am grateful for all my teachings and gifts the universe has bestowed upon me. I worked hard to be the person I proudly am today. I gave up everything to be able to meet myself, my true self, and look myself in the eye and say, "I Love you."

I love writing. It can be so powerful. As I wrote those sentences above I realized that I had an expectation on my family that they honor and care about the secrets I have learned, the magic I have been shown and the medicine I carry. I can not see my family for the people they are if I am holding onto expectation. It is in the release of expectations that our Love becomes free. 

I commit to learning more about my expectations of others and letting them go. No expectation serves me anymore. 

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