Monday, 12 December 2011

Hope and the Seeting Sun Part 4

Chapter 2 – Genetic Hitchhiking
Time, like it always seems to do, had passed. Cas and Julia spent the winter in each others arms, making food, making love, and making each other late for everything. They where learning about each other.  They would make love at night and sleep in, smoke a cigarette in bed with the window half opened. The birds would sing them back to sleep. They would walk around naked, watch the sunset and tell each other about their lives. Julia had lived many life times, spent time in school learning about languages and other cultures. She had studied the human body and how it energetically moved and worked. She had explored her inner world, learning about her pains, her weaknesses, and her demons. She was battered and bruised yet still in love with life. She was never great with money, always knew how to get by.  She needed someone to take care of her, to help her and let her rest. She was tired, worn and alive.
Cas fell in love with her raw energy. He would tell people that her honesty was brisk, abrasive and invigorating. Cas was wide eyed and without many stories of his own. He knew how to take care of people, not well but enough to make money at it. He loved the simplicity of life, the sweet sound of music, the calm rush of adrenaline when he told stories. He loved to learn everything and anything. You could say he was mildly aspergerish. He loved the challenge of being with Julia.  He loved her smell, he strength and her warm body. He felt safe in her arms.
When the winter ended, after many ups and downs, the two love birds decided to fly home for the summer. After many fights and struggles it was clear they needed time apart. Cas was scared. He saw the relationship as something he did not know how to handle. He needed space, more then a few days. So he left Julia for the summer.  Space was Cas’ way of handling anything he could not understand. He dealt with trauma by controlling anything and everything he could, when he lost control he would make space.

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