Thursday, 29 December 2011

Help me with this theory

So I have been working on this theory over the past 10 years that Everything is Just Perfect. It was a message I found in my heart when I was hitch hiking around Canada a decade ago. When I found that message and realized it was something deep within me that I wanted to learn more about I realized that it was a fucking terrible quest to go on. I mean Everything, what is everything? Perfect? How the hell am I to decipher perfect? I was not impressed.

I spent the next 10 years reading, researching, meditating, thinking about this message.  Over the past few years I have started to talk about this message. I love it when people argue with me about it. I love it when others offer unique perspectives. I do not assume to understand it, I do not think I ever will. I just know my life's journey is to learn from this message.

Last night while I was alone at the Northern Edge Algonquin, I went to Points North, my favorite building in the entire world. While I was in deep meditation I was given an insight into this message.

If you take everything in existence, everything in the universe. Every atom, thought, spiritual concept. EVERYTHING, it has to be perfectly balanced. If I argue that it is not in balance then I am leaving something out of the EVERYTHING as I would have to compare it with something else to decide if was out of balance. Thus Everything is Just Perfect as in the Universe is always in perfect balance.

I am totally open to anything you might want to add or disagree with. I am still learning.

"There is nothing to fear within yourself"

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