Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Justin Vernon

Let me tell you a little story about Justin. True story. There was this man who lost his long time girlfriend, had his band break up and found himself with no money. He went to live at his grandfathers cabin in the woods in northern Wisconsin. There he decided, using only his lap top and a bit of simple recording material to record an album. Alas, the album was an incredible success. The album was called For Emma. It shot Justin into musical popularity. His bands name is Bon Iver, like the french Bon Hiver meaning good winter which is what Justin had in the woods recording his first album.

Last night at Massey Hall in Toronto, I witnessed a subtle explosion that has me humbled and in complete Aw shock. Bon Iver, with 10 band members, put on a show, more like a religious, transcendental, heart opening, vulnerable, honest open loving show. I joked with my friend after as we watched the crowd dissipate in to the Toronto night that there is not a person here that could harm a fly at this point. Everyone was walking around in their hearts wide open, a fine feat for a big city crowd.

I learned a lot from that concert. One; as Justin said, when you dream and get knocked down you HAVE TO BELIEVE that there is always another opportunity. Two; that there is immense and incredible power in humbleness. If you can dream from the brilliance of your heart and stay humble and mostly vulnerable, then you can change the world, your inner world and the outer world. Three; and the most profound, that the human race is changing. We are on the cusp of a revolution. The world we live in with all its dangers of the environment collapsing and the world going to war and the financial stresses where built by the head. (People using their heads) The revolution that will allow humans to live long and in harmony with the planet and each other is being built from the heart. Art, music, literature, stories, any form of beauty is becoming more heart centered and people love it and are becoming more heart centered themselves.

Seriously people, times are a changing and I love it. I am fully on board, I am in my heart, loving myself and others, exploring my inner beauty and not being afraid of my inner shadows and risking everything because I need to pursue my dream.

Bon Iver, thank you for such a honorable show of your beauty. You are a Shaman and an inspiration.

I cried during this performance. So did Dwayne my co pilot in this adventure.

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