Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Life of my dreams

Bit by bit I build the life of my dreams. I strip down the walls, tear up the floors, clean out the attic and closets. I throw out everything, the bed, the couches, the appliances. I make sure I have a blanket to keep me warm and a little bit of food. Then I go back into this shell of a house and make it the life of my dreams.

I redo the walls to be complete and more spacious. I paint those walls with warm loving colours. I put in warm floors that cushion my every step. I make sure there is plenty of room for all the guests and visitors. I open the doors and let in the midnight air, the moon light and the sparkling stars. I allow the morning sun to warm the kitchen where the warm waffles of love and honor fill the home with the smell of something worth fighting for.

I then plant the seeds of beauty and adventure in the garden. I put in rows of play and friendship. I invite the whole community over for dinner and dessert. I dance slowly under the patio lanterns with the love of my life while we close our eyes and loose ourselves in the moment that last for lifetimes. The night becomes long days and fills with laughter, children, freedom and abundance.

Bit by bit I build the life of my dreams.

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