Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Manly Sex Talk III

I could not have said it better myself. From one of the great story tellers of all time and a brilliant mad man. I do wonder the same thought that Tom puts in this monster sentence. Has sex become so sane and clean that it misses the point. Imagine having to wait till your desires overtook you and you lost control and had to be with the person you where with. Imagine throwing all caution into the wind, all sanity is gone, you go mad with desire and love, you have to be with that person even being aware of the potential consequences, AND, the other person feels the same? I do wonder if we have over shot the target and missed the happy medium.

Taken from Still Life With Woodpeckers by Tom Robbins 

"Was it entirely paranoid to suspect that all those stoppers, thingamajigs, and substances devised to prevent conception were intended not to liberate womankind from the biological and social penalties imposed on her natural passions but, rather, at the insidious design of capitalistic puritans, were supposed to technologize sex, to dilute its dark juices, to contain its wilder fires, to censor its sweet nastiness, to scrub it clean, to order it uniform, to render it safe; to eliminate the risk of uncontrollable feelings, illogical commitments, and deep involvements (substituting for those risks the less mysterious, tamer risks of infection, hemorrhage, cancer, and hormone imbalance); yes, to make sexual love so secure and sane and sanitary, so slick and frolicsome, so casual that it is not a manifestation of love at all, but a near anonymous, near autonomous, hedonistic scratching of a bunny itch, an itch far removed from any direct relation to the feverish enigmas of Life and Death, and a scratching programmed so that it would in no way interfere with the real purpose of human beings in a capitalistic, puritanical society, which is to produce goods and consume them?"

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