Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Witch Doctor House Call 4

SO I have been out of the healthfood business for a few months now and I have to say there was something fun about being on the inside of an industry that has been thriving for MANY years and most people know nothing about. I mean all my friends know about healthfood stores and visit them often, most people in general public rarely go to a healthfood store, mean while do most of their shopping there. The healthfood industry is a funky place to do business. It is full of flaky hippies, big hearted business people, money grabbers, big corporations, farmers, handcrafters. It is as much seedy as it is magical and ripe with brilliant soles. A funny place, miss you all and will see you soon.
So how does one know the difference between a shady, corporate company and a real heart centered, wanting to bring the best for your health company? Do research, look at where the product is made, look at how much packaging there is, look at the price, shop in health food stores, ask the cashiers. Also check online, there are many great resources and if you see something that does not look or smell right then ask more questions. 
What I have passed on and taken away from working in the healthfood industry is that YOU have to take resposibility for your health and NEVER assume a company or a product is what it is or does what it does just because of packaging, an article, some suggestion or whatever. Use the law of 4, if it is to be medicine find 4 sources the give you the information you are looking for.
Imagination is the most powerful medicine on the planet.

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