Friday, 13 January 2012

How good can your life really get?

I know all of you can envision how bad life can get. We are very aware of the pain, trials and tribulations we can experience in this life. We know loss, we can envision how bad things can get easily. Can you envision how good things can get?

To be truly in the moment we have to live between two worlds. As humans we live between two worlds. Spirit world and physical world, inside and outside, living and dying, awake and asleep, happy and sad, whatever the polars are it is a game of balancing each side and loving both sides and inviting both sides to be part of our lives.

What I am challenging myself to do is to envision how good my life can get so I can balance it between how bad things can get. I give myself permission to experience the brilliance, beauty and wonder of this world. I will adventure into the world of perfection.

This world is both perfect and imperfect as the same time, don't try and understand it, it just is both. Once we can see the perfection in the imperfection and the imperfection in the perfection, then we will be in the moment and what a moment to be in!!!!

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