Thursday, 1 November 2012

Manly Sex Talk: I have no idea what I am doing

I would love to hear more people talking about sex. We are so lost in the fear of judgement that we are not sharing the pieces we need to. We need to talk about sex and openly. I spent years learning things that would have taken 5 minutes to know. Women don't tell men, men do not tell women, Men rarely if ever talk about sex. Bragging maybe but not sharing.

I want to know tricks, tips and things to avoid. If I learn something I want to pass it on to my fiends so they can try it.

Can we build a healthy sex life together? Yes, it is simple. Stop fucking judging people sexual choices and start listening. Listen to yourself, talk openly and pray for those who can not let themselves share or that make fun of you. If they can not hear you talk about sex then they probably can not let themselves be  free in their own sexuality.

Dont be one of those unhealthy people who never talk about sex. Be a man, admit your struggles, share your lessons, build a healthy community with others.....

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