Friday, 3 February 2012

Witch Doctor House Call (Plant People)

Another addition of WDHC, which is all about healing and tips that I learned from my travels that I wish to pass one.

One of the most effective and inexpensive medicines I know is Herbal Medicine. I am talking about plants. We all know some of the more popular ones like Echinacea, Mint, Ginger, but their are millions of herbal remedies on this planet. There are so many remedies that it would be impossible to decided upon one set treatment for one ailment. Every plant has AT LEAST 10 magic tricks up its sleeve.

Here is what I suggest. Learn about 10 herbs intimately. Read about them, plant them in your garden, make teas with them, do everything you can to get to know them. Then when you have a base of 10 herbs of your choice, this is how I suggest you blend them. Get a bowl, preferably a nice one that you really like. Sit in front of the bowl and stare at it, picture the person you are blending for. Have the 10 herbs close at hand. Pick up on of the herbs, and feel if it is the right herb for the mixture for that person. Blend them and put them in a jar. Put hot water over the herbs and allow the mixture to steep. Pour off a cup as often as needed and refill the jar with hot water. Do this for 3-5 days.

You see if you are looking at the Herbal Medicine in terms of "Medical" significance in our western minds then you are missing a major part of the power of the plant world. Big pharmaceuticals have been trying for many years, with billions of dollars in research, to isolate and extract the healing principals of the plant world. So far they have extracted and synthesized less then 1% of the medicine found in plants. LESS THEN 1%. All their technology, research, money and experience in labs there is nothing that will replace listening to the plants, smelling the plants, growing the plants, learning the language of the plant.

The plant people are alive, they are vibrant and brilliant and will share with you their healing if you listen. I know it sounds weird but I swear it is true.

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