Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Top 5 Favorite things people do

1. Kindness. Not politeness, or some sort of saccharine version of kindness, but genuine heartful kindness. A well timed kind word, a soft touch, a shout of support, a thoughtful gift. I love kindness when it comes from the persons heart, when there is no attachment to reciprocation. 

2. Risk - When I see someone take a risk, a calculated chance based on theit own needs and passions I get very excited. Whatever it is that you want to do, the more you risk, the more likely you will acheive that goal. You might fall down a lot but I love to see the risk and the get back to it if the risk does not pay out.

3. Hug - A good hug is so important. If you are being hugged daily or at least weekly then you have some work to do in your life. Let people touch you. Create a community where you are hugged and can be hugged. Be the first to hug others. Bring back the hug!!!!

4. Honesty - This one has a stipulation that goes with it. Honesty is powerful and dangerous. TO me honesty needs a great deal of tact. Presenting honesty in a thoughtful, constructive, loving way is brilliant. Presenting honesty in a harsh, in your face way is selfish and an abuse of the truth you hold for the other person. Be honest with yourself, be kind to yourself. Be honest with others, be kind with others.

5. Play - COME ON PEOPLE WE NEED TO PLAY MORE. I see WAY to much seriousness out there. Dont let fear get in the way of doing something stupid....

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