Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fight the power.... STOP!

I have been to protests, most do not work or at least they are a temporary solution.

I have educated myself against the evils of this world, they are strong and deeply ingrained in our systems.

I have fought with every ounce of strength to free myself and my heart from the oppressive, power sucking regimes and companies. I got tired.

I stopped and all seemed to change. I forgave everyone and everything, or at least I am working on forgiving everyone and everything. I found time and space and realized one of the greatest secrets ever.... I have all the power.

Fight a system and they have control over you as if you where a part of it. Stop and you have control over yourself.

Stop moving, fighting, arguing, studying, complaining, being a victim.

Start breathing, looking around you, slowly and carefully changing what you want to change.

Listen to yourself. You are the most powerful person in your universe. Actually you are the only one with power in your universe. Stop and have a look at where you are giving your power away. Take it back, it is yours.

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