Friday, 27 April 2012

Heal Your Community, use medicinal herbs

MEDICINAL HERBS ARE SAFE!!!!! Zero people died last year from accidental herbal poisoning. There are cautions and herbs that require a lot of respect but for the most part HERBS ARE SAFE!!!!

Now that we can get rid of any stupid fears around plant medicine let us talk bout what it can do. Plant medicine can not only help strengthen, support, heal, enlighten, calm, energize, inspire, create passion, sedate, help to procreate and more, it can heal an entire community.

In traditional communities the passing of the plant knowledge and medicine was a way that linked the young to the old, the people to the land and was the subject of many campfire stories.

All great communities have an intimate relationship with the plant medicine around them. There are no exceptions. One of the key indicators of the health of a community is the relationship they have with plants.

Have a look around. Does your community share its knowledge of plant medicine? Does your community talk about plant medicine? This might be a good place to start to heal your community.

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