Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Witch Doctor House Call (Whats the difference)

IT has occurred to me that I have a minority perspective on dream reality and waking reality.
I ask you,
What is the difference?
Which one is more real?
I have no idea? What happens to me in my dreams is just as real as what happens in real life. I still do not know what the difference is. Some say dreams are not real, they are part of our imagination. OK so is our imagination not real, it is to me. When I imagine something to its fullest I have witnessed it happen. I can imagine things into creation. I have also dreamed things into creation. I also have met many people who have dreamed things into creation.

My waking life affects my dreams. My dreams affect my waking life. There is no difference. Both are part of the same. Dream life and waking life are inseparable. They are not different. One is not more the then other. One is not real and the other fictitious.

Dreams are just as important then your waking life. Toxic dreams create a toxic life. Toxic life creates toxic dreams. Happy dreams create a happy life. Happy life creates happy dreams.

Imagination is the most powerful medicine in the universe.

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