Friday, 19 October 2012

Witch Doctor House Call - Harm Reduction!!!!

You ever think about quitting something, or making a change for the better in your life. Maybe you give up smoking or drinking or watching so much TV. Maybe you want to read more, meditate, get into shape. How about loosing weight, saving more money, getting out of debt.... THe list is endless of ways to improve oneself.

What I say is fuck the musts and shoulds!!!!! You want to make a change, make a small incremental plan. Today I will walk one more step then yesterday. Today I will do one push up. Today I will spend one dollar less, today I will have one less cigarette.

Then Day two is one more step, one more push up one less cigarette.

Take is easy, dont rush, stop the panic, and for the love of god (or more so for the love of yourself) stop setting yourself up for failure.

Anyone who tried to quit something knows they have to work it into their life. Be kind to yourself, relax and allow change to happen over time. Take small bites, realistic goals and remember to celebrate yourself!!!!

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