Friday, 9 November 2012

Witch Doctor House Call: Religion Vs Spirituality

I am a spiritual being. I kinda see everyone as a spiritual being. I am not a religious being.

I see it like, Religion is to NFL football, what Spirituality is to Gardening.

Religion is about appearance, teams (christian, muslim, jewish). Religion is about money, power and who is the right side. Who is going to win. It is about book of plays and making your opponent fearful.    It is a sport.

Spirituality is like gardening. Every garden is unique. One must take tips and tools from everyone they can and everywhere they can.  They have to constantly learn. Ultimately ones garden is their responsibility and must be tended to in their own way. One chooses the plants, species, size and use of the garden. It is a personal practice based on many techniques. It is ever changing, ever evolving and can succeed and fail in an instant. It is a skill that takes practice.

Religion has many gifts and I appreciate them for what they are. I, however, choose to take my spiritual practice seriously, forever learning and growing and realizing that there is one guru, one voice worth listening to, one master.... that is myself.

Same goes for you. You are the master of your spirituality. Empower is the gift of being in your power. Its a great place to be.

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