Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sacred Writtings: Judgement is fear

How does one exist and hear the thoughts of others. Not the simple toughts of what to do next, but their deep down pains? If you could see the deep secrets of everyone you meet, how does that change the way you communicate with people?

In my world, I have learned how to see those dark secrets and I have learned (and still learning) how to honor that knowledge. I do not wish to push my impression of your dark secrets onto you or anyone. I just want to be present, loving and the most authentic self I can be. The more I do those three things, that more I tend to help others release their fears.

I am really learning that dealing with my fears is the best way I can  honor you. If I release my fears, i have no need for judgement. Judgement is a kind of fear.

I am seeing that your darkest fears, that you try do hard to hide are no worse then anyone elses. They are all equally tough to carry around and can be deflated by sharing them and being honest with yourself.

SO i guess what I am saying is be kind. Be kind to yourself, relax. Whatever it is that you fear, the other people in the room fear something just as much.

The common ways of dealing with our most inner fear.

1. Some know it and hide it
2. Some push it so far down they do not even know
3. Some are OK with it, some fight it
4 . Some confront it
5.  Some run from it
6. Some wear it with pride.
7. Some play poor me
8. Some find peace

How ever you deal with your deepest fears, enjoy it.

Remember that fear is not the absence of courage. It is a step towards courage. Courage is nothing more then finding peace with something you fear. Without fear you would have nothing to find peace with.

Fear is the starting point. Peace is the ending point. The journey in between..... well that is the fun part.

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