Monday, 21 January 2013

To my readers

Thank you for your support.

I deeply appreciate seeing so many readers every day. I am honored.

For those who follow regularly, they know I have been writing my book.

I want to share a bit of it with you.... Be aware it needs work. It is raw and a little thin but it is where I am at and I have not held back in this blog before.

The south wind dusted the lush field with dandelion seeds. This was Sam’s favorite time of year.  Late summer, no bugs, long hot days, cool nights. The stars would dance at night and Sam would join them, spinning until he was too dizzy to go on. He would lie on the ground in the field of long dried grass, starring at the universe not in wonder but in appreciation.
Sam loved being alive. He loved being present in this time. The smell of the air, the feeling of the soft wind on his face, the chill of the ground under him, it all made his heartbeat strong, his eye open wide, his spirit free.
There are people who glide through their life unnoticed. They seem to be always on the fringe. No ones soul mate, no ones best friend. They are just there. Sam was one of these people. He was not alone, at least he did not feel alone. He was just, well, himself.
When Sam was a young boy he spent a great deal of time looking out the window in his classrooms. Teachers thought there was something wrong with Sam. ADD, autism, asbergers syndrome were the common diagnosis that Sam was told he might have. Sam was tested regularly and by many old men. Sam could not care less about tests or what his teachers or other people thought. Sam was in love.
Sam loved this world from the first day he was born. He had a vivid recollection of his birth. He had spent a month in an ashram in Nepal a fe years ago in a silent meditation retreat. No talking for 40 days. Somewhere in that time Sam got his memory of his birth, or at least this is how he thinks it happened.
He remembered the bright lights first. Then he remembered the cold hands of the doctor or nurse, he could not tell which. He seemed to get stuck on why it was so bright and cold. There were noises and he kept moving around. People where passing him around.
Sam remembered the first time he met his mother. Sam had a great mother. A stressed out mess of a mother, but a great one. She gave all she had, even if she was a little lacking in extra fuel. Sam’s mother was always giving it all.  She was soft, very observant, over worked and under supported.
She had created a safe life for Sam, filled with the wonders of the world. Sam was a happy boy for the most part. He missed being held, touched and physically loved, but he was fed, warm, stimulated, and cared for. He grew up stable and strong.
Lying on the grassy field, pondering the brilliance of the universe Sam was once again thinking of his youth. How had he been so lucky? There were no wars or guns, no hunger or disease, there was a peace in his world that few humans had ever experienced. He grew up in a peaceful, prosperous time. 

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