Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Things I do everyday

1. I write, obviously or you would not be reading this.
2. I eat. Ive tried fasting but I really love food.
3. I breath. And I am grateful for it
4. I am grateful. And I am healthier for it
5. I sleep.
6. I pee.
7. I talk, sing and make noises
8. I sit
9. I stand. Physically and for something
10. I check in with myself. My hearts desires, my needs and my inner voice
11. I meditate
12. I laugh. I will not go a day without it
13. Have sex. Might be too much in some cultures beliefs but hell with it, I am having fun
14. Have fun
15. Stop and look at something in nature
16. Drink Tea
17. Listen to music
18. Walk
19. reflect on the inner working of the universe and how it is all in perfect balance and that it is a wonder and a miracle that I am alive and HUGE gift to be able to be here and now.
20. Drink Water

Wow, how the fuck do i find time to do anything else.

21. Oh ya, I fuckin swear. What a ridiculous concept to think of some words being worse then others for no reason. No one I know really knows the history of fuck or shit, or ass. Why do we give so much wait to those words?

22. I rant. Sorry for all those who had to hear it. I love to rant.

23. Check my cell phone... not proud of this one

24. Say i love you to someone

25. Hear i love you from another

This is a busy day but there is so much more that I do everyday. There is so much time in the day... I do hope you enjoy it

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