Thursday, 10 January 2013

Witch Doctor House Call: Strength is a lot of work

I am always amazed by the human body. There really are no short cuts. There are pit stops but no such thing as the magic pill. We need sleep, purpose, love, good food, laughter, stability, exercise, play time, meditation and thats about it.

I recently found myself sick for the second time in a few weeks. I was a wreck, coughing, fever, phlegm, not having fun. I instantly forgot all my training and could not remember what to do for myself. I remembered ginger and honey and lemon tea, and astragulus and I remembered to sleep, rest, do some simple Yoga. I just could not think of anything else.

It took me a while to recognize that I seem to have focused my energy and life on studying preventative medicine, not acute medicine. Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Anyway, I have, for the most part, taken really good care of myself and not gotten sick. So when I was sick I was out of my element.

Prevention is an art that takes constant work.
- I put astragulus root in all my soups.
- I drink tea, herbal and green and lots of it.
- I drink hot water as it is really hydrating.
- I go to my yoga mat every day, to meditate, journey and to stretch and strengthen the body.
- I always listen to what my body is telling me and I take it seriously.
- I go to sleep at the same time every night (well some times I stay up late but not often).
- I get up early, not too much sleep.
- I do not drink alcohol, coffee or cigarettes (Often).
-  I have fun.
- I sing and dance.
- I laugh often.
- I eat well and I love my food.
- I drink water.
- I have sex almost every day but I do not ejaculate every time
- I work tirelessly to heal my heart of its wounds and to live a life free of anger
- I forgive
- I walk often and everywhere I can
- I move slowly
- I write and follow my dream everyday
- I create a budget so the stress of my debts do not consume me
- I write lists so the stress of what I need to do is not solely in my head
- I build friendships
- I say no
- I allow myself time to cry mourn and be upset, but a limited amount of time
- I diligently listen to others.  And always learn how to listen better
- I am kind to myself
-  I take rhodiola, passion flower and holy basil for my central nervous system
- I do everything I can. Including listening, learning, growing, changing and never stopping.

I am firmly reminded of the value of prevention and the power of being healthy. Not just o me but to my entire community.

And most of this cost little to nothing. There really is no excuse.

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